Spring Cleaning for Going Solar: Top Five To-Dos

You’ve spent many cold winter nights learning about the benefits of going solar, exploring solar panel options, estimating installation expenses and researching local companies. Now that daylight savings time is here and the weather is getting warmer, you are finally ready to spring into action and start soaking up your solar savings. However, before you set up that installation date … Read More

Top 5 Reasons You Haven’t Gone Solar Yet

Admit it: you’ve been thinking of going solar, you’ve been wanting to go solar, you’ve been talking to your friends about going solar, you’ve even been researching going solar. But you still haven’t done it…yet. Don’t worry, you are FAR from alone. It’s pretty typical for humans to procrastinate doing things they know they should do, and want to do, … Read More

Don’t Let the Sun Set on Your Federal Solar Tax Credit

If you’ve been considering a solar project, you might want to get it done sooner rather than later. That’s because the Federal Solar Tax Credit (also known as the Investment Tax Credit, or ITC) is scheduled to step down from 30% to zero over the next three years. Here are the TOP FIVE things you need to know before your … Read More